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I live in Sopela (Bizkaia) and professionally I try to put computing at the service of people, never upside down.

I am proud to have been on almost every imaginable war in the IT world: help desk, teacher, developer, systems technician, analyst, auditor, consultant … this gives me what I need to be able to lead the responsibilities assigned to me knowledgeably.

I have always considered that to make good applications, good products or good projects, it is necessary to have a good team and the best working environment. The most important thing in a computing ecosystem is its people: both those who “do” and those who “use”.

Since 2003 my work has consisted of directing departments of Information and Communication Technologies in educational institutions.

I am the ICT Director of educational institutions that are holders of nursery and primary schools, secondary and high school education institutes, and intermediate and higher vocational training cycles. This means that I have to synchronize, do projects, reach agreements, negotiate, coordinate and control tasks, actions, approaches and diverse objectives with technicians, teachers, directors of centers, heads of public institutions, suppliers, etc.

Today, a school (or a group of schools) covers almost all known computing needs: systems, development, teaching, innovation, e-commerce, robotics, 3D printing, BIG DATA, Databases, privacy, devices, relationships with providers, governments, etc. etc. etc and this opens an immense scope of work, applicable to other sectors.

Whenever I have believed in something, I have created it (if it didn’t exist). I am a natural born innovator, which has led me to develop technological products to respond to specific problems (guarderiavirtual, desdetucasa.org,  etc etc). We only have one life … and this is it. So let’s do it.

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