Are there only teachers in schools?

Looking for the definition of “virus”, you can read that it is like an evil that spreads throughout a system, attacks a specific area and does so much damage that it renders it useless and kills its power, which causes the system to something is missing, and if that was essential, then it’s over. This is valid for coronavirus in our society as well as for a computer virus in a computer network.

Those of us who work in technology area have already verified that in the 90s, a virus attacked ONE computer, at the beginning of the 21st century a virus attacked the local computer network and, in contrast, in recent years when appears an activated virus affects in a few minutes to half a planet. This, gentlemen, is called GLOBALIZATION. Exactly the same issue that is happening with the coronavirus.

The magic word is CALM. Everything starts… and comes out. When you have faced computer viruses of panic, you know that in the end there is a cure for everything.

Of course, it is stupid to think of applying LOCAL measures to solve or alleviate a GLOBAL problem. And there is people who still do not understand it. That week I have received calls from colleagues from other schools, asking me for help on how to proceed, telling me their strategy and of course, I have shared my ideas with them. On the other hand, I have been able to verify that other retarded people (because they have no other name, they still think locally) continue to jealously keeping their strategy and their “star” measures to try to shine for I-don’t-know-who in moments of crisis. You have to be an idiot. Idiot, limited … and with poor vision. And in my job, if your vision is limited, you are fired.

In this line, therefore, I want to contribute from my blog to provide a small light that, from what I am seeing, can be misleading to many people in schools: the administration and secretary staff.
It seems that we are waiting forlistening “now, go home” and meanwhile we are all in the caos, deploying and reinforcing the online lessons, that is, articulating everything that has been and will be between teachers and students, and in some cases , control mechanisms between pedagogical coordinators and teachers.

But if schools are close, secretary and administration staff will also be affected, because maybe they are people (85% women) with children, many of them students and who have no one to leave them with, so, they will ask for remote-working. And in that moment?

No time to waste: it is necessary to deploy in each desktop computer a remote control program (there are dozens, I recommend AnyDesk or TeamViewer) configure them to access remotely in person without a username and password, look at the power options of those computers so that do not go into suspension, put a small UPS … even if everything is stored in the cloud there are ALWAYS documents and folders stored locally (still, yes) certificates installed in Explorer… (Yeahh… Internet Explorer) etc. And please, important: the phones. It is also necessary to enable call re-direction to mobile phones for the secretarial staff, enable Softphones … all of that. Very necessary. A school is not only the teacher and the student. There are other mammals dancing around there, believe me.

Anyway, it is. Let’s see how long this crisis lasts. If it is necessary to start considering  remote-working as a real and standardized solution, well, that will be the white dot inside the black semicircle.

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