Being mocked: that’s the name of the game

Sometimes in the life of a man is necessary to sacrifice himself and let others win the match.

Specifically, I want to say that sometimes is interesting to find a meeting point between the user of the product and the project, even feeling that you are losing dignity, because he, the user, will live it as closer, he will lose the respect (respect to the product .I mean)

Last months I have worked with my team on several projects, and to simplify the way of identifying them we decided naming them with numbers. However, it seemed insufficient to us thinking in the moment to transmit it to users, so we baptized each project with a short name … and ridiculous, yes, we know. In English, for free (that stupid trend so prevalent today) … but I think it was worth it.

I think that thanks to turning the department and its projects into “mocked of meme” (one of the users has transmitted this to me) the laughter and the ridiculousness of the names have served to make them look like more affordable projects: when we laugh at something or with something, we make it closer.

Besides … would you trust a technical team that wasn’t a brunch of freaks? Surely not … so we have allowed ourselves that license … finally, we could summarize this staging by saying that everyone today has left with a smile, and this will help to talk more and in a better mood of these projects (and that they end up running, of course).

Now I want to finish this article by referring to a movie that I suppose (I hope) you will have seen several times, throughout your education as an integral citizen: indeed, it is the scene of Rocky III in which Hulk Hogan is talking in the ring with Rocky, after having the IIWW minutes before; Rocky asks him “hey, why did you get so beast like that, for free?” and Hulk Hogan replies “that’s the name of the game”.

Well, anyway… pre-submitted projects and … Letś go!

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