Do what I say … but don’t say what I do …

It’s surprising the distance between what people want to sell and what they are selling in fact… I mean…  even today, at fairs and technological events (for example, SIMO, the most famous in Spain) the main claim is the presentations / talks / masterclasses… in master class format.

We have to assume that the master class is already a bad-word, something of the past, you have to work in a cooperative, you have to accompany the student in the teaching-learning process … but we continue to raise the training with a guy talking and listening … dis-gus-ting… and of course, when we talk about infrastructure in the classroom, we still see that “I want a projector with a screen on the same wall as the board; that is fixed, of course, and that connects to the teacher’s computer with cable».  LET’S ANALYZE:

.- Projector: It is no longer a solution. And much less if it is linked to a interactive screen.
.- fixed screen: bad. Students work (or should) in teams, in groups. The screen must be mobile.
.- Cable connection: fatal. The cable can appear broken, can be lost, you have to pass it on to each other (because if you already tell me that we are still thinking that only the teacher is going to project … or as much as ever a student … switch off the lights and let’s go)
And the worst is that this presentations are 1.0, the guru’s keynote talks … the master classroom approach still … always comes from some enlightened … of those who have a farmer’s name and they add a slogan in English type «re -thinking the world »or things like that…. “Designing the future” … “Painting your brain” … hahahaha … LOL … hahahahahahaha … come on, the image of this article is dedicated to that enlightened … hahahaha

Well, I reserve my approach to share it with my management teams and teammates. We are not going to give solutions here like this for free … but… if we pay attention to the pedagogical projets, we have to translate it to the technological and have a little perspective … come on dude …

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