Does the night confuse you?

Some people think that Rocky is a boxing movie, that Star Wars is about spaceships and that what matters in a student’s education are grades. Three big mistakes about which I will not give a deep opinion now, although if you feel like it, you should consider that Rocky talks about how to overcome yourself and find your place in life (with the excuse of boxing, it could have been with the excuse of sculpture, for example) Star Wars talks about politics and society, and grades are important in the education of a student, yes, but less than other concepts such as culture, love to knowledge, values ​​of coexistence, teamwork , etc etc etc ..

The poor Dinio was confused every night, and many people are confused by the educational world. In my responsability, the technological, it is easy.

There are families who value very very positively that iPads are used in a school. The iPad wins them. That social prestige that gives a little apple in your hand. The night confuses them. In another era I have met professors, authentic idiots in the classrooms, who did not connect emotionally with the students, who pivoted their work around the last application or the last technological little device, feeling “pros”, super-modern and supercool. The night confused them, and I can see in social networks that it keeps confusing them.

Technology is only a WAY in education, never an END. And those of us who are at the forefront of these responsibilities, we are PARTNERS of the teaching staff and we are AT THE SERVICE of the institutions. And that’s all.

I have told you nothing new, hu? Well be careful … don’t let the night confuse you.

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