Don’t be obtuse. Don’t be a hick .

Some people think that the world is going very fast and that it shouldn’t be that way. Some people think that things have to be done as usual and when a change is proposed, it seems bad for them, fatal, an invasion of their way of working or understanding life, an attack on their well-being. Some people think that technology is something that violates their work as a professional …

His reasoning is that he has arrived where he has arrived without today’s technology, so technology is not necessary. Can you be more stupid?

I document this article with this video, so that all those who think that it is not necessary to explain robotics in the classrooms, think for a moment. Surely they would be delighted that our students today spend time memorizing the list of Gothic kings. Thanks to robotics, biotechnology … this girl is HAPPY again … thanks to the robots in hospitals, operations (guided by humans, yes) are faster, more precise and effective … even I would dare to say that thanks to the fact that there are people like Amancio Ortega, who gives machines to diagnose cancers, you can detect sooner than before if a person has a cancer and be able to treat it in time. Imagine that someone close to you, someone you love , has a cancer and has been detected by a machine donated by Amancio Ortega. Do you also think it’s wrong that he donates machines, do you also think that instead of paying everything in taxes, he pays a part directly “on product”?

Imagine now that you lose a member, but in a school, in an institution and in a university, someone decided to include robotics, 3D design, mechanics … in their curriculum … that they taught to work as a team and that in that area, engineers, doctors and physicists came together to make the arm or leg you are wearing now … what do you thing about it?

I don’t know if this guy pays all the taxes that correspond to him or not, what I know is that in this case he is “paying in kind” and in this way, his money is not lost along the way in the pockets of a politician. … so Amancio … good for you !! the same as …  who decided that someone should study what was necessary to know how to create prostheses like those of this girl, who studied it and applied it to the medical field … and who puts the means to keep this happening.

Don’t be a brother-in-law. Don’t be obtuse. Don’t be a hick . Just a little retrospective and a little perspective, please.

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