Eating soup with fork

It’s said that the champion of blinds s the man who do not want to see and this confinement is showing us so many things in technological matters that I alucinate. Hopefully this article will open the eyes of somebody.

This misfortune has had to happen for us to realize that technology is not something complementary, but something structural. And I am not referring to education (which is the subject that usually occupies me) but to society in general. We have been able to verify that it is not enough for a provider to take the step of digitizing their services (because now is THE option); It was also necessary to have a computer and an good Internet connection.

And I said properly. I said TECHNOLOGY. I mean COMPUTER. Because even thougth all the world has a super great smartphone, all the people has a tablet or an ipad … but today, to get to everything you have to do, you still need a computer to get to everything at 100 %. The rest is self-limitation.

And if you have a good computer and a good connection, you have been able to see what was behind: the “yes, but …”: schools whose teachers always shouted that they took a lot of work at home, with which we could deduce that they would be super efficient working from home, right? And now it turns out that no, that the classes of the last 3 weeks have been a real disaster (except for honorable exceptions) and these teachers have been neither efficient, nor effective, nor productive … nothing.

Please, assign a stable place, with easy access to your computers, at home. Get it out of that black, medium-fat, leashed briefcase. Take it out of the drawer and always have it inmediatly. Realize that it is the most important machine in your house, along with the washing machine, the cook and the shower.

We have seen how we were using tools that were conceived for one purpose, for another different good, juggling, and when these tools had to be used massively, we realized that we were eating soup with a fork. And everyone has a “yes, but …”. Everyone has a reason, a stupid explanation, an excuse for… but as it is commonly said “Paco has come with the sales” (that’s a spanish expresion: it means that now you are going to see the real situation).

Please use each tool for what it is. Stop making tables in Word (use spreadsheets) stop paying in cash (use Bizum), stop using Extranets as if they were Intranets, stop …… I’m exhausted.

Let the technicians have their say. Right now, we are the ones with the key to the dungeon. Imagine that we all pull the cable at the same time. Communication is over. Information is over. What was given is over.

I don’t want to make hurt. From a technical point of view, I see so much to correct that it has to be redirected and I find it uneasy to stablich the information to capture it correctly in writing. The summary of a summaried summary could be that it is better for us as a society to open our minds a little and try to pay attention to those who are a small step ahead. Those we often call geeks. Those who are saving our asses now … today and tomorrow.

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