The cat is mine and…

You don’t need to be a marketing-genius to know that if you want to sell something to someone, you should know what he need. Entering details, if you are going to sell a tool to a person who knows his work perfectly, you cannot IMPOSE how to use it, right?

Imagine that a carpenter is going to buy a hammer and the seller says “yes, this is the hammer you need, but that the hammer is only valid for left-handed use” (for example). The buyer would say “oh, but I am ambidextrous, and in some cases I will want to use it with the right hand …” and imagine now that the seller would answer “no, no, the hammer can only be used with the left. The hammers are used with one hand or another, look, that’s how a nail is stuck. ”

Absurd, right? Well, I have experienced this today, before an academic management platform. I have not been taught a flexible product (which is where it was supposed to be attractive) but the product already parameterized for a school, imposing that the evaluation system is that, it is so and it must be so, that the billing system is that , it is so that and it should be like this … etc etc etc.

I’ve run away without looking back, of course. If someone thinks they can sell an ERP or a rigid, closed CRM … a system in which the system commands and not the customer, is lost. I should look for the road and return … return from the 80s.

Today that is Friday and it is a day of LOL, I could have explained this with that of “the cat is mine and … when I want”, but no, I was not going to explain anything, I was going to learn.

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