The price of allowance

Now that the de-escalation is starting, there are a lot of people who know a lot about everything, about this situation too, and tell you how everything will change from now on. When I say “everything” I mean all-the-applications-of-this-operating-system in which we are living now. Remember that before we had the V1 version and now a virus has updated us to the V2 version: they are applications such as health, justice, education, politics, commerce, interpersonal relations … Hey, there are guys who know everything … and So much … the truth is that they make me feel envy (their security when the talk) because the truth is that I wonder why those 2 meters between humans and the prevailing individuality are called “social distance” … shouldn’t it be better called “asocial distance”? But hey … there I am.

On the other hand, I can say that now we are going to pay a very high price in this new scenario: the price of allowance … accepting the ” well, this is for next course “… or better the” yes, but we … different “….” yes, but we already … different “…” yes but it is… different “and  the house without sweeping (that´s a spanish idiom)

If somebody does not want to see that education is now going to be conveyed through technology is either an idiot or a liar. Or both at the same time. Or in any case, it is someone who either has no minimum vision to work in education (manual of selfishness) to their routine, to their comfort zone that is fighting against the profession, against the students, against the company that pays him.

Whoever does not see clearly now that either has to work hardly expressly in the conceptual as well as procedural knowledge of the technology or better to move away and disappear, it is not worth it. We are seeing every day how for any vital process (buying, making an appointment, accessing leisure, etc etc etc) it is ESSENTIAL to do it through computer tools. And we have granted too many extensions to a large group of teachers and school administration and services, who are now turning against us. Now more than ever, each school must be a rock, a team, and remember that a chain is as strong as its weakest link.

I do not write this angry. Nor resigned. Not boring. I am writing it to make it clear: there were a minimum of computer skills that had to be reached and as “the plague enters through charity” now this virus has also brought us that plague. The vast majority of those who cannot face the technological challenges of the teaching world now are people who have settled in BECAUSE THEY WANTED. And the price that we are all going to pay now is …. expensive. In some cases as expensive as it will become loss of students, loss of classrooms, layoffs, and school closings.

How can anybody have such an immobile attitude, in a world that moves (rotation and translation) every day?

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