inakifernandez.com is my personal website, the page of Iñaki Fernández Baza. Here I will basically put whatever I want, and today, I want to have only a presentation section (about) and articles of personal opinion on essentially technological issues.

Only and exclusively to me. Everything you see written here comes out of from my head, passes through my fingers and is deposited on the keyboard of my personal computer. That’s all. It does not link any co-worker, boss, customer, provider … what you read here is my own responsibility and only mine.

Well, I don’t know if it’s crappy or not, but the question is that it doesn’t worry me at all. This is a place where I want to reflect my thoughts and it is not the place where I want to interact with anyone. In fact, my reflections are just that, reflections, and the richness of sharing my knowledge or my vision… I will share it with my coworkers, bosses, customers, suppliers, etc …

Absoluty not!! The richness of this blog must reside in the content, not in the continent, I know that. It would have taken me a few minutes to implement several functionalities (among them, for example, the subscription) but as I do not like to get news to my email, I do not want to promote it in others. I’d prefer than when someone be searching on the internet, finds me (my blog), and if someone already knows the site, use it whenever and wherever he/she can.

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