… festival!!

Hahahaha …. I cry … it is better to laugh with these things … the truth is… it can be funny, hahahaha

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away … there was a person who did not want to work and took advantage of everything that could be used to justify her inaction and incompetence. One day she decided that she wanted to escape from her responsabilites even more, if possible, and concluded that Wi-Fi failed and that because of that she could not work.

Every human who passed in front of his checkpoint was asked about his Wi-Fi connection, tendentiously, looking for an answer in line with his reasoning: “Wi-Fi fails me. Stop. That way nobody can’t work. Stop. There is no right. Stop. etc etc etc … “Logically, if you ask 100 people, at least one will tell you something that interests you hear … and not only hear … but add it to your speech:” we are already two, because to this another one also fails the wifi. ”

Monumental mess, mail to her immediate superior, to the superior of this one, to another who was no longer … she didn’t call the technician … so… crossing mails, calls, reviews … Customers who perceive the mess and internalize that this company is not doing well …

And you know what? her computer is a desktop regular PC and does not use Wi-Fi, it is connected by a beautiful and standard category 6 UTP cable with RJ45 connection. And in adittion, in the review that was made, there had been no failure of any system.

hahahaha … getting angry? Make an extensive report? Set up a meeting …? For what … it is better to laugh at these things. And that’s it. As that one said … when life gives you lemons … make lemonade.

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