Fixed-ideas mammals on a round planet

I´m going crazy. Please, another tequila, I’m considering going to play a rock and roll in town square …

Let’s see … it can’t be happening. It can not be. It is surreal. It cannot be that even today, after years of evolution of the homo genus and the sapiens species, exist a natural resistance to changes. History has taught us that this is “adapt or die,” Bruce Lee told us “be water, my friend” but some people does not internalice it, or does not listen to it … or even hears it.

Nobody likes to have their processes changed. I was very comfortable recording songs on my cassette, waiting for the speaker to stop talking to hit the red “rec” button and staying tuned to hit the “pause” button when he spoke again at the end of the song … and I don´t remember making a mess when the MP3 format and the first P2P, Napster, were born. And so I could continue talking about innumerable changes that I have experienced despite my youth (hahaha … just kidding, I’m an old man, at least in the ID card). I don’t remember raising my voice, making a bad gesture … neither in the personal field (obtaining music, for example) nor in the professional area (I remember the day I first received the payroll by email instead of on paper … I didn´t say “wow, now I will have to print it, to file it in my payroll AZ … it sucks”). Well, no. I mean NO.

Is absolutly stupid to defend as something positive that “I DO NOT WANT CHANGES” “I DON’T LIKE CHANGES” “I ALWAYS MADE THIS THIS WAY” without a point of humility that allows me to guess (asking, if necessary) by why there is anoter way to do something and what improvements it offers me. Probably in the professional world it will allow me to be EFFICIENT (if I was already EFFECTIVE, I want to believe it). In the personal life… well I do not know, but now…. I already know from this morning at 06:00 that this weekend there will be no waves on any of the nearby beaches, and I remember that in 1998 I spent a good time on Saturday mornings going from beach to beach to decide where to surf.  The real-time online weather parts and webcams have taken romanticism from surfing huh?

Anyway … I go crazy, and as there will be no waves this weekend, I’m going to play a rock and roll to the town square.

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