Last year I was at the Bett and I saw an application that canceled the possibility of interacting with YouTube videos. It was designed in order to students would focus on the content of the video and avoid clicking to see how much was left, press it forward or back … Basically to own the control of the time.

It was quite expensive, so I did not find it profitable to raise it in my schools; Experience tells me that if your are a good teacher and a there is a good discipline, this nonsense are superfluous.

… now, in coronavirus-era, it is like if in real life we ​​must have lost it, a good teacher and a good discipline, I mean, good managers and a good legal framework, because with  coronavirus crisis we are all anxious full-time, especially  because we do not have control of tempo.

As adults, we have returned to that age when, going on vacation in a car with Dad and Mum, we asked ourselves every so often, “Dad, how much time for arriving?” uncertainty is undermining us. And it is undermining the computer development of society, that is, when we leave it (because we will leave) we will have experienced a slowdown that I do not know if we can afford.

Meanwhile, we will continue asking “how much time for arriving”. Of course, as in the joke that a group of castaways has a leader and tells them “I have two news, one good and one bad: the good news is that today you will finally change your underpants. The bad news is that it will be among you ” Well this is the same: the question of “how much time for arriving” can only be asked between us.

It is like a bad joke. I preferred the joke about a dog was called “mistetas”. It is going to be that the Matrix exists and some asshole has deployed that application that prevents us from knowing how much time is missing from our own movie.

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