Greta, have you thought about enforcing videoconferences?

I hate driving. Who knows me knows it. I think the car is one of the few machines we use regularly in the 21st century and requires our feet and our hands, all together at the same time for working. You can compare it with your microwave, your TV, your computer or your roomba. Don’t you think it’s stupid?

I hate driving, I don’t like it, I don’t enjoy … and it also pollutes … and Ii is harder thinking that a videoconference, with a pro-equipment, can be an efficient solution … or almost; and without polluting. Sometimes I dream of changing every mile I drive for a quality videoconference … and I wake up excited, really.

Today I have seen Greta on my TV again (again)… that girl who accuses all humans in general and politicians in particular of not caring for the planet. She is in reason but has a bit of a bad temper … she is still a teenager, I don’t know how this will evolutionate, but it doesn’t look good. I have seen a picture of her in her house on a leather sofa (bad) and if one day in the future she is going to do something anti-ecological (the night can sometimes confuse anybody) switch off and go out. Switch off the light of the LED bulb and go to shit, I mean.

Well, just in case Greta reads these blog (I guess not, she has to make a trip now through Extremadura, and a 2G connection can be exasperating) here is my message: “Greta, my darling, since last year I am working hard trying to normalize videoconferences between co-workers and even with clients. But you can trust on me: it takes time. More time than crossing the Atlantic in a catamaran … yes …  your trip is a tough issue, your message too … but convincing the staff to use videoconferences regularly… you can not imagine”.

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