How often should you water indoor plants?

This week I have suffered a couple of devastating accusations: one guy has said me that technology, it’s negative impact on teachers and a strategic mismanagement of ICT may be behind the latest strikes that has suffered private education (devolopers of all schools … you are guilty) and another lady  has accused me of being robotic, cold, impersonal and distant person.  Me, myself and I, a perfect lover of the short distance … you don’t know how easy your knee can come into a liver from there, anyway …

Firstly I would say that in another life I was the bull that killed Manolete, and in a previous live I was the aspid that killed Cleopatra. And for my  second  friend… she would die of envy if she had had my Wednesday and Thursday: teamwork with a real team, intense and extensive training sessions, subsequent analysis and after, planning and execution.

I think that sometimes you don’t project what you want. What a big problem this one, communication between people.

Once I read a sentence that said “provide of knowledge to your team so they can go to work anywhere else in the competition, and treat them so they never want to do it.” I am working on it. And besides, enjoying like a pig in a pond. And of course, producing.

So, it’s nice.

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