I procastinate, You procastinate … We all procastinate although not at the same time

Terminator said that “the future is not set. There is no fate but what we make by ourselves” and he was right. 50 years ago it was assumed that today we would have flying cars, clearly it has not been that way, we continue to move subjugated by the friction index μ (mi) between the road and the tire, although in this time the sapiens have created the Internet and that has changed everything. EVERYTHING. Yes, what are you thinking, too.

Some things have changed for good, others for excelence and others have made us even more idiots. Today I am going to write about one of these last things that have become us stupid, and how the Internet is a perfect piece for this scenario. Yes, it is about Black Friday. And the procastination.

Thanks to the Internet, we have become natural-procastinators. What our parents told us “do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today” has changed to “ok, send it to me / or share it with me / and after I will look at it and complete” … or “I do it at another moment ( cool people say “in my valley-time”, instead of the “mountain-time”) … anyway …  the power of the Internet gives as the power of DOING EVERYTHING AT ANOTHER MOMENT and  we always  leave 70% of the work for another moment and we are working in moments when shouldn’t be necessary work, and when we realize we notice that our life is escapeing from us, it slips to us and it is diluted in the keys of our computer…

And a reflection of this, has arrived these days in our lives, as every year recently (in Spain, for 7 years). Black Friday is no longer limited only to Friday … everyone is busy, everyone always has pending tasks, things to do, so it would be a mistake if the offers lasted only one day ….. Have not you noticed? This year has been super-obvious: not one of the ads I received by mail, or on social networks or on TV  were only about Friday 29 … ALL OF THEM talked about a week, even 10 days … ALL OF THEM WITHOUT EXCEPTION …. we are not talking about ONE DAY (because nobody takes time for ONE DAY) but about discounts, like usual.

In the 80s it was said “don’t roll up” because we used cassette tapes, in the 90s “don’t scratch me” because we used CDs and now the day of the offers lasts a week because although all of us are so smart and have so many resources, we are actually some stupid that we are not able to get a miserable couple of hours on a Friday afternoon to go shopping.

Such a bussiness …

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