If fools flew we wouldn’t enjoy the sun

I do not know if this change in our modus vivendi is souring my character, or if it is simply removing the gag (now that we have to wear a mask, such a incongruous), but every situation has its limit and I think that when everything ends (if we can use the words “everything” and “end”) anything will hardly change. Basically because you can be be stupid, or you can also be stupid, and exhibit an apology of it, set yourself up as a proud spokesperson of nonsenseism and also insist on winning the championship. The championship of fools, I mean.

Two days ago I heard the mayor of a population of 100,000 inhabitants say (here, very close, eh, not on Mars or Saturn) that “those in my municipality would get ahead because they are fighting people and especially supportive” … well, what a pity to have been born in the next town, they have no such virtues. They will not succeed, of course.

But half an hour before, I had lived the experience of listening to a secretary refusing to put a communication system by videoconference, arguing such absurd things as “what if I leave the microphone open? Could they be hearing me …”? and “it is because you do not know how THIS office works” …. and it crossed my mind to say “ok, what if when I come out of the bathroom I left my fly open? what a panda of ash…es those who invented pants with zipper … or buttons …. why can’t we all wear a chilaba?” and also “ah … ok …. so THIS office works directly to the rest … there are basically two types of office: THIS and the other 27,999 in Spain”.

What is behind this is that we have professionals in our labor system who understand that they must carry out their work as in the XX century, despite being living in the XXI, with XXI tools, with XXI humans and with problems to solve from the XXI. These people understand what they understand because they do not have the basic technological skills: the vast majority because they have not wanted to acquire them. The social equivalent would be to refuse to wear pants with a fly or clip-on bras, because we don’t have the basic adult skills.

And to this situation  we must add that the endemic disease that usually accompanies them and infects all of us: despite living in a globalized society (with all that this implies) they still think locally: me, myself, I. So, “this office is different” or “Barakaldo’s are different”.

And how can we combat this? Well, look, call me crazy, but now that we are in a time of change in which what matters is the person (no one connects online with the classroom or with the school: connects with the teacher or the secretary) think about changing the chip and dedicate investments to improve the main value, the “human resource”. That is, if you have a few thousand dollars saved or planned, it is still better to use them to fire and hire a new human resource (it involves training the new one) instead of spending them on buildings, right?

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