Imperium, potestas… auctoritas

“The” imperium “was an absolute power typical of those who had command capacity, it was fundamentally, the consuls and proconsuls.  There was the” potestas “which was the political power capable of imposing decisions through coercion and force. And finally, there was the “auctoritas” which was a moral power, based on the recognition or prestige of a person.”

… So curious … I love learning something new … or more specifically, to have someone explainning something to you that becomes shape and substance to something evident that you knew, but you didn’t have clearly defined.

I suppose that after more than 20 years of professional experience, starting from the first step (street-level, specifically) one runs the risk of not knowing how to act when others think that he is at the top of the staircase. And more… one is in risk of dissmeasuring how others locate you and this can make you lose your way. Perhaps it is not valid to show the origins of neighborhood and social conscience to try to socialize decisions, and perhaps it is not valid to show the experience and knowledge acquired or the demonstrated strategic vision to try advancing.

I mean with all this that sometimes it is difficult to escape from the “potestas”, I do not like this, neither active nor passive, and much less the “imperium” (or at least, what it can generate … in the end someone can believe that it is a crack, when in fact it is a catacrack).

I mean that what I love, what I really love is to have “auctoritas”, be ecognized for my facts, my actions, my skills. It is true that lately I am adding recognitions of prestigious entities and CEOs, yes, it is cool … but it is also true that what I really value is the recognition of the people with whom I meet day by day. I would gladly change a karate championship title just for having a tatami-inspired-weekend for the respect and complicity of any of my sensei and sihans after years of training. In the last 15 days I have received congratulations from Madrid, Rome, Paris, New York … and meanwhile I see that there are users of my systems whom I have not managed to convince. I have to think. Something goes wrong when I’m not knowing how to communicate.

Look at Rocky’s example. Even when he lost the first time against Apollo, he had the “auctoritas”. That is why Apollo was angry, because the “potestas” that he had… had no value.

I return to the resource that I used in the first paragraphs of this article. The stairs are for going up and going down. Better not go too high, because if you fall the blow is greater. We will continue seeking to obtain the “auctoritas”.

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