Internet strips you. Yes, you too.

A notification to my followers: this post may offend more than one. This is a small reflection on a cheap-sociological analysis  that I have done this week attending to the contents we consume in our spare time, all of us: you, me, your coworkers, your neighbors, your cousins, your parents and your children (if they are already a considerable age).

I conceive my television as a device to know the world from my living room: I can watch news, documentaries, series and programs of all kinds. Of course, always filtering, not believing everything together and maintaining a prudential distance in the implications with what I hear and watch. I enjoy watching many types of documentaries, series and programs, and among them, is trash-tv. I enjoy. And as I live in society, when this issue comes up in a conversation, I say so. And the most widespread reaction is “ah, well, I don’t watch TV … that’s disgusting … it’s vulgar …” (I am sure you have listened it many times) and so it seems that at that moment everyone spends their spare time reading Kafka or Nietzsche, or analyzing the Higgs boson. All very respectable, yeah, although then you scratch a little and people has read more baby-books than other things … and yes, if you talk about cars, baseball, boxing, football and tennis they know the last news …

The fact is that I was triggered by a first alarm when I wrote a post that I titled “The curtaint’s old woman”, on November 22 of last year, which talked about privacy, and a little about ethics on this subject, in what which refers to computing, of course. I received that alarm because I illustrated the post with a sex-pic and I observed through the analytical tools of the web and twitter and facebook that the number of people who had clicked on the image to enlarge was 3 times higher than usual in previous posts. Curious.

The post I wrote on February 13, “This girl is working, don’t be wrong” spoke about how normalized it has become to work with remote systems, and how productive it is, and with all the intention, I illustrated it with a girl in a bikini, very nice. Hey, mathematician: the number of accesses to the photo has tripled again, more time has been spent with the enlarged photo, it has also been seen several times by the same users, it has been the same whether the user is male or female, read me in Spanish or English … etc etc etc … (I will not go into detail how I have configured my analytics module, which is quite complete).

My conclusion (and here comes my small-data-cheap-analysis): everyone is struck by the same thing, everyone poses and wants to give an image of knowledge-man/woman dressed in a turtleneck and a pipe that a simple technical analysis undresses and leaves you with a white sportwear and a few earrings and gold necklaces. Do not insist: if there are trashTV programs it is because people loves them, and think that by the fact of seeing them it is not like who goes out in them, probably (it is my case) they serve to enlarge the distance between people with no  neurons or values morals and especially above all, to make a laugh and forget about the problems themselves.

Of course, this is dedicated to all who read me except you, gg. You and me know that you do read the great philosophers, humanists, statesmen and scientists constantly. And you bought the TV to fill a hole in the wall instead of putting a picture.

By the way, I illustrated this post with another photo risen. To have a third proof of what I just told you.

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