The union rights of the mules

Spain, 1950. It was usual to use mules to work in the fields. The mules were the work-force. The farmer need mules. He took care of them (sometimes) to be useful.

Spain, 1975. Economic, social, political progress … pure life … made affordable for a farmer to acquire a tractor, so the mules disappeared from the equation. I have not said anything new yet.

Would it make sense today to see a demonstration of mules demanding union rights, better conditions, more rights … to farmers or politicians? Absolutly not, because they are out of the equation. They have no value for the farmer.  The farmer takes care of is his machine, his tractor: his fuel, his maintenance …

Spain, 2050. It will happen to humans. We will no longer be the work-force that the employer will need. We will be out of the labor-equation. Instead of being replaced by tractors, we will be replaced by software, more specifically algorithms, sometimes robotic-looking, even humanoid when deemed necessary, and sometimes not even that: simple software.

Think about it. 2050… 2025… who knows. It’s not just that evolution will bring us new jobs and that it will eliminate obsolete ones … it’s about jobs that appear, a very high% will be executed by software or robots, and humans simply  will not have value at all there. We will be out of the equation. And this is sad: we will not even have justification to fight … it would be just as absurd as if tomorrow morning there was a mule claim calling for their work rights.

Well, I’m going to sleep, this month I have to hurry and continue working “like an animal” hahahaha

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