Microphones for singing

I spend my life (at work … life after all, such a disaster) detecting obsolete products, services and processes, and I hardly take time to reflect on my products, my services and my processes; to analyze if everything is as it should be, contextualized in time, or if I have to update it. Update myself.

If I analyze this website as a product … if I think in terms of “communication” as a service that I develop with this blog … and if I focus writing articles as the communication process itself, I realize I need an update.

  • A website is still a product that people use to keep informed, correct, but regarding the written text only if they are short fragments. First point of reflection. It is true that the format also tends to be interactive, but I am not willing to have that relationship with any user of this website. I have neither the time nor the desire nor the ability to do it well, I am sure.
  • Communication is still essential. We are so many people on the planet and everything is so muddy that every point of view of information is necessary, to be part of that informative puzzle that each person must have, so they can build their own idea, of everything.
  • Writing to divulgue is a very good idea, but it is still a tool in which the interpretation of emotions is subjective. And complicated. It is still something artificial, created by humans, and will never replace a look, a tone, a gesture.

So I think the next step will be to use the laptop’s microphone and camera instead of the keyboard. Only that will change. So the last texts of this blog (with the exception of the titles) end here. I feel sorry for those who follow me in English: my pronunciation is not perfect, so due to shame I will limit my contents to Spanish language in my videos. I will keep my ideas in English for my New York friends, who with a smile and a kind correction have always helped me to re-direct the kicks that I have been able to give to their dictionary ocassionally.

This text is also available in: SPA