Modern Times; 1 sapiens, 1 device.

All the management teams of all schools on both sides of the Atlantic are becoming crazy thinking about whether or not to implant the 1×1 model (more specifically, whether to put it NOW or STILL not) … defining when to start, whether or not to enter the process of shoppinh the families, whether to establish this or that device … there is a rumble in this topic quite interesting ….

As usual, I keep my considerations for mine ones, for my management teams, my ICT coordinators, my co-workers, my bosses … and I will still not be able to suppress that feeling of sadness when I see, or read, or .. when some school out there starts up and is a mistake like the bottom of a grand piano.

To aim, I bring here a couple of ideas:

.- Between the educator and the child, today there has to be a device. Let’s not forget that we do today must be focused on the future of the student, and when we realize that nowadays there is more people working with keyboards than pens … well, then. I repeat, excuse me, between the educator and the child, a device.If you don’t share this idea, you can leave this article, you should probably go out from that blog.

.- 25 years ago, between the educator and the child there was a pen, and we were not told (as students of families) what brand it had to be, nor did the school buy it and then they passed us a fee, or if it depended on how the teacher performed the class … I say that because some classes would be more focused on writting, and others more on listening, but at some moments the pen was needed, sure.

.- And here is where I wanted to arrive: it does not depend on whether “there is enough digital content” … on whether “the methodology is this or that” … that no … it is crazy to think that in 2019 a students do not have STANDARDIZED goint to school with his own device (computer, tablet / ipad …). It is RE-GRET-TA-BLE that this is still the subject of the debate.

If educating is “preparing someone to face the future”, you have to do it TODAY through technology. Be careful, this does not mean entering into conflict with the emotional and the feelings; … it seems that computer scientists are a handful of heartless … and what I think is that… whoever does not understand this are actually a brunch of mindless-braindless.

Like it or not, we live in “modern times” don’t you think?

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