Other, various… who knows

It looks that this situation, keeping ourselves in our houses as if we were in small golden jails is ending. Hopefully. In Spain it has been a 50-day sentence. I am not very sure if as a human I am responsible or guilty (there is a big difference); what is undeniable is that as members of a society you and me both are responsible … at least. But hey, this is a blog about technology, not about sick societies (ggg … can you get it?)

I wanted to write today about how badly we have taken advantage of these 50 days … right? I’m telling this you because I’m sure you still have your USB sticks, hard drives or storage units in the cloud with those folders called “others”, “various” …. well … this is a whole world, I’ve come to see “various2 “,” other-old “,” a little bit of everything “… I swear by Yoda that it is true.

Well, you could have spent a while taking that garbage out onto the street (virtual of course) and removing it from where you have it, which has only taken up space since immemorial times … and I’m afraid that for centuries and centuries.

Come on, it’s still the weekend and you’re on time. Also you have the opportunity to empty the folder called “downloads”: you look like the one in the photo in this post every time you go looking for something you just downloaded, don’t be a pig, please.

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