… serve me the last drink, please

I don’t know if it also happens to you, but if I analyze the data collected throughout the year, I visit lot of bars in a few days and of course, I pay for the absence of trainning.

Every year, at this month, in these holidays of peace, love and happiness, while receiving classical messages from suppliers with whom I have never spoken in person (maybe they are bots) that wish me precious messages for me and my family I stay looking forward to one easy question: in the process of getting drunk something has evolved, but one more year, I see that everything remains the same.

Can anyone explain to me why it is necessary to take cash, physical money, coins, bills … to take just 5 or 12 drinks? What’s up, BIZUM hasn’t reached the bars? What will be next, return to exchanging … and we will have to go with a lamb to change it for a brunch of drinks, or with some melons to make the equivalence between 4 wines and two beers?

Imagine that you go to a bar and you see the bar’s mobile number very large on the bar, you order what you want to drink, the waiter or the waitress serves it on and says “$ 12”; you take your mobile, you send it to Bizum and that’s all. No physical money, no card or nothing. Because there is people who do not always carry the card, and who never carry physical money. What time do we live, in George Washington’s?

It would also be very good, because once you are in the party, feeling like the fucking boss, you can say “come on, I will pay the drinks to everyone at the bar, now… I love you all” and from the  podium where you are, for example, you can pay easily. Can you see? All advantages And when you run out of cell phone battery, then go home.

Let’s see next year. Meanwhile, happy holidays, behave well, and be lazy, that is, do not work hardly, work efficiently, it is not the same. For this ICT can help you, hehehe.

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