Slaves of our own speech

Last month I gave away my dad a book that talks about the latest slavery slaps in our history (not so long ago, less than you imagine). The book is MONGO BLANCO and although I have not read it yet (he will leave it to me, I hope) the critic speaks very well of him. It is the story of Steve Jobs of slavery, a genius of that barbarity, a revolutionary, an innovator … a wretched man, in fact. His name was Pedro Blanco and MONGO is what the natives of the area called those who worked in such despicable work.

I refer to this by two concepts, well almost three:

  • slavery, the fact of being subjugated to someone or something against your own will.
  • The proximity in time. In Spain, slavery was abolished just 130 years ago. Yesterday.
  • the word “mongo”. It suits me for this reflection.

I try to continue. I refer to this because even today (proximity in time) more specifically even yesterday I can see slaves. Yes, I know that you can tell me that we are all slaves of something: of the mortgage, of consumerism … ok, but there is no space in my mind to understand  that someone is attached to an immobilist discourse (considering that the planet rotates every day , that is, it moves, evolves) and so, for free, one becomes a SLAVE OF HIS OWN SPEECH.

I see people who have taken a stupid and free attitude of rejection of technology in their workplace that makes me very sad … a bit of anger and no laughter. You can talk them about using technology to optimize a process in their work every day and they automatically make the gesture of rejection with their hands, the negative expression on their faces, the phrase “already, but I don’t ….” “yes , but not me … “, ” in my classroom never …. “and they don’t advance. They do not advance. And society (its customers, children, families) need it. And they are not giving it to them. I refer to the elementary technological dimension (conceptual and procedural, that is, knowledge and skills) necessary to survive at this time (we are already in 2020).

If you have read carefully, you will be missing the reference to the third concept that listed three paragraphs above. Indeed, the natives who fell into human trafficking networks used the word of African origin MONGO to identify the slavers … will be done on purpose? It is a good term to identify who self-enslaves do not you think?

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