It’s said that getting older your vision is getting worse, but paradoxically the you develop the ability to detect the smoke-sellers salesmen from miles. It’s said also say that getting older you lost hair, but that is not absolutly true, because there are those who bend me in years and in capillary density. I hate gettin older.

I lost my vision step by step, like the vast majority of citizens (I think that people who live in  rural environments, as they are all day in natural light, do not suffer the current myopia epidemic of your environment and mine) until 2015 came and life gave me a smack, leaving me blind for a couple of long and dark months, although today that is only a memory. Even so, although I recovered, it took me a while to get to that moment where the smoke-sellers are seen from afar. But I arrived. And I want to talk about that today.

In the computer sector it is easy to meet these kind of people. Palaver, extreme security in what they say, elegance, perennial smile, much-much-much-verb (it’s a strategy, they don’t shut up) and they don’t really know anything, either technically or operationally. For 3 years I suffered two of those ones, curiously both were called (are called, they are alive) JORGE, and until I kicked them in 2018, I didn’t feel good again. Nasty.

Let’s play the alphabet game:

  • Jorge d_ l_ H_rr_n
  • Jorge G_rc__ d_l _rc_

Come, buy a couple of vowels and solve. They work arount at metropolitan area of Bilbao. Always in innovation, motivation, projects … saving the world (water in the world, the rural world and technology, communication in politics) and the truth is that they do not even know what they are talking about. They try to give lessons from BIG DATA, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE … and unfortunately, they always find someone to cheat.

And the worst thing is that as they also live from auto-promotion, whether or not you find them on social networks, in chat rooms, cheating people with talent and enthusiasm … they are like those parasites that approach a living entity, they squeeze the juice and then they go to look for the next unsuspecting.

I could extend for hours giving details of both, I will not do it here, not now. It will arrive. Last week I met one of them on a flight, returning from Madrid and I could not avoid a protocol greeting. I did not say anything. I’m getting older. With the other one I found myself in a children’s soccer field … and I didn’t tell him everything I would like. I do not know if this is to mature or become a soft-man.

Anyway, today the advice is for me: no matter how smart you believe, you can always come across an idiot that takes hypes you. In future articles I will dissect the elements to detect to escape from this people. Meanwhile I prefer getting bald, instead of buying magic solutions.

Happy Santa Agueda day.

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