Stockholm syndrome

From Microsoft to Apple, from Apple to Google … and again and again and again. Same thing, as usual. When a service provider becomes stronger in your professional reality, it imposes its conditions under “take it or leave it” and you feel affected by Stockholm syndrome.

in the last 90s and early 2000s in schools everything was Microsoft, only Microsoft, nothing but Microsoft … and nobody had paid even 30% of what they had. I remember even that threat nebula that was in the air … “one day an inspector will come and you’ll get in troubles … and blah blah blah …” Muahh… nothing at all… some specific, anecdotal case, as real as I think the story of Ricky Martin, the girl the dog and the toast with jam … A few years later Apple landed in the classrooms, with their iPads … and here yes or yes we already knew we were in a golden jail, expensive, and at the same time everyone happy to be under the limits of iOS … a happy world… Huxley would say, right?

And later it was Google who entered stronger with Chromebooks and licenses … and paradoxically, he seemed the liberator of the moment, that of the happiness of living, the freedom … and yes, I do not say no. .. but now that they have our necks in thir hands because not only the schools, but the planet is getting under Google … they press a little more and raise the licenses for Chromebooks a few dollars … just a few, yes, but that they are going to do a damage that you can not imagine to the schools nowadays.

One, which has always been consistent with the times who had to live, and with a sight in the future, was from Microsoft, also from Apple (I still have an ipad mini from that era, great machine) from Google now… and still I remember the indignant suppliers because I bought Chromebooks, but not licenses … I am talking about 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 … for example … and although in recent times I have fallen, I still do not see the extreme need of buying licenses. We are repeating the conceptual scheme of Microsoft’s active directory, and we could do without it to get almost the same.

I can promise and I promise that I will do my best not to buy Google licenses. Let’s see if i get it. And I wish we did all the shools all over the world. Dreaming is free. Google licenses, no. And also, they increase the prices when they want. Dangerous.

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