The butler did it

A short time ago there was no expression like  “spoiler” can you remember? We said “hey, don’t tell me the end of the movie” and hopefully, they didn’t tell us the end. However, many times we already sensed it and we knew how the movie would end.

The same thing happens in professional and social environments. It is not necessary to be very smart to know how present will end, if we do not put the appropriate solutions and we get on the correct way. In the specific case of my professional field, ICT, as its name supposes (information and communication technologies) is very clear:

  • Technology: the one who does not use tools will be lost. Whenever you watch a documentary about the first hominids, we are reminded that one of the great differential starting points compared to other species of the same kind was the use of tools. A stone to split the meat … a stone to build other more complex stone … from the stone to the controls of your car there is a considerable path, but in the end, they are only that, tools.
  • Information: knowledge allows us to make decisions. Following the trail (never better said) of the example of human evolution, the homo erectus had to raise his head to watch … and be able to decide where to move. And so on until today … and I’m sorry for the one who lives back to the Internet or tiptoes through it.
  • Communication: in front of other apes (by the way, we are apes, monkeys, although without hair … but apes after all) we have the ability to communicate and cooperate in large groups. Capable of the greatest barbarities and the greatest brillant ideas … but capable. It is what has made this ape that you and me are dominate the planet today, until the point of being able to destroy it or save the planet (depending on how we use the information and technology, points 2 and 1 of this enumeration).

So I am telling you nothing new, I am not telling you the end of the movie: if you are an active worker today, try to inculturate yourself and become a citizen of your time. Use the ICT for your professional work, for your social relationships (with the administration, with the services of your community, even with the people …) all in its right measure, of course, already we know that few things are better than the pleasure of having a wine in a terrace watching the rough sea, ok … otherwise, you will stay out of the equation and when the years go by and you look out of society you will have to hear (someone will tell you or maybe you yourself): «it was clear; the butler did it»

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