the curtain’s old woman

I thought that maturing implied learning to live in society, at least the most basic aspects. I also thought that concepts such as intimacy, privacy, respect … were in the public domain and were perfectly assumed by anyone born in the twentieth century. It must be not. Some of us have the responsibility of knowing, valuing and respecting privacy in all communications, including implementing security systems, but I believe that the problem will not be in the systems, but in the people. I will explain it with a joke:

“In a job interview, the recruiter tells the candidate:

  • Well, you meet the profile, you are hired. Welcome, we will make you feel at home. Come with me and I will show you the rest of the office.

Upon arriving in the bathroom area, the newly hired asks, with all the confidence

  • hey, and can I defecate with the bathroom door open?

The recruiter, surprised, is right to say:

  • Man … well no …

And the contracted, with the dwarfed look and distrustful gesture responds, making a characteristic gesture with the hand:

  • … I see… ah….”

Until recently, I laughed with this nonsense, but today, I have known that in a school in La Mancha, whose name I do not want to remember has happenet recently that while someone is making photocopies and has gone out just for a moment a partner has gone to snoop to see what was he photocopying … well, it doesn’t make me that funny anymore, I don’t laugh. I imagine that “partner” is also the one who knew all the passwords of the whole office “just-in-case”  who wants to be in all the parties… This is (conceptually) equivalent to looking under another person’s skirt, reading their mail or rummaging through their purses. Luckily I do not wear skirts, or purse, but … and my mail?

I can promise that if it happens to me or happens to me again, I force her to defecate with the door open. I’ll see if in the bathroom or at his own table. And by the way, so he does not get bored in the meantime, I will transfer some notions of privacy, focused from the digital, but applicable to life itself.

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