The relationship between the background and the form. If it were honey …

All developers in particular and IT-workers in general complain (WEcomplain) about the time we “lose” (nooooo ….. “the-time-we-dedicate”) in order to get a BEAUTIFUL final result. We like that everything works perfectly,  databases not corrupted, systems fast and stable, platforms 100% functional … but usually we don´t care that a cable be a little twisted, that the buttons of the application be square (and not with oval vertices) or …. that kind of things. We focus on the background, and not on the form.

And we don’t realize how important the forms are. As much or more than the bottom, sometimes. Well, not more (let’s see … I’m iT-worker) but the forms are essential. And they are grateful. Is grateful when the product, in addition to working well, is BEAUTIFUL, just as when a human (let´s call it “a user”) takes care of the ways to communicate with us.

My grandfather used to say that “you get more with a drop of honey than with a barrel of vinegar” … and this… about honey… has reminded me of an idea that exists about the origin of the name Estibalitz (typical basque name), which is said to come from saying “Estia balitz …” something like “if it were honey … it wouldn’t be sweeter” ….

Well, that honey is appreciated, to say whatever. Keep your attention, IT people are not like Winnie Pooh … what happens is that after all, we are also people, and things hurt us … like users.

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