The thin trench

A month ago a friend recommended me to see “the infinite trench”. Surely he could not imagine what we are living now. I do not know if you have seen the movie, if we did the super-summary it is about the story of a guy who lives locked up in his house 30 or 40 years. Can you imagine? Hopefully not …

While this situation is on, computer technicians are having a assuming  great responsibility in order to “everything” work, because life as we knew has disappeared and now the word “everything” has digitally eaten face-to-face contact . For us it is like if a war had broken out and we are on the front line.

Meanwhile, a lot of solutions are appearing everywhere for everything: “use our platform to send homework to students”, “use our video conferencing system for this and that”, “use our website to learn this new and super interesting service”…. and some schools / principals / coordinators / teachers think that it is a good idea to start now to explore and organize webinars, training … incredible, such an absence of responsability.

We are ALL in a trench, and when I write EVERYONE I mean EVERYONE WHO IS WORKING. And personally, when I’m in a trench I don’t need anybody showing me a new type of gun, because I think I have to face my situation with what I already have. And if happens that I had to master something that due to negligence, lack of interest … for whatever reason, I do not dominate yet but it is the CORPORATE tool, for which I also have a computer support behind … I have to assume that now the moment is now : I didn’t take the right steps and now I have to jump. And there is no more.

As I said in the title of this POST, this trench is THIN. In education, basically we have to do three things:

  • Explain. For this we will have to do it by videoconferences. Each school must use a single system. All teachers the same system.
  • Send homework. For this we will have to do it by platforms. Each school must use a single platforms. All teachers the same platform.
  • Evaluate. This is still not clear to the Ministries of Education, so it depends on how long the health crisis continues, we will keep attention.

And this is not the time to INVENT. Nor to INNOVATE on these issues. It will be necessary to be creative, yes, but without leaving the trench, which is, I said, thin. Anything that is different from this will be “loose verses” and will become a problem for students, families, coordinators, principals and schools. And I’m not telling you for computer technicians anymore. Well, not for them, because they will be the ones that have very clear that we are in the trench. And poor of whoever comes out of it.

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