This girl is working, don’t be wrong

Over the years we are normalizing many situations that short time ago were unreachable. Now I could become on a nostalgic-grandfather, and tell about many stories… about my early years in front of omputers, anyway …

I remember that starting in the university, and also starting to work, the word “remote” was always like talking about the future … connect to a remote server (“server” was also a very special word) access remotely, work remotely … It was like a mystery.

And today we have not only reached the future: we have normalized it. There are fewer and fewer physical servers in companies (certainly, they are not a solution now) and every time I see in more shops the upper bar of the terminal server … wow, you can say it in many ways, depending on how cool you want to be:

  • Remote“: if you say so, you’re a user-looser
  • Remote desktop: if you say so, you paid attention when they set it up and explained it
  • Terminal server: if you say so, you go cool (ironic mode-on)
  • RDP: if you say so, “ardipi” you are a technician fixed to the protocol that uses this service. You should improve your English.
  • 3389: if you say so, you are a technician with asperger syndrome, I am sure.

I am not referring to do everything on web platforms that are in the cloud, (Google Drive, for example) but to connect to a desktop of another computer. If you look at the computers of those people who attend you at a gas station, in stores… even in the computer systems of any office roll administration, accounting, billing , etc … it is already normal to work into another machine (by the way, if you say “machine” instead of “computer” you also have your repellent face).

So, if you also have a good working agreement with your bosses and colleagues, and your job allows it, you can work and produce as much or more from the mountain or the beach, with a good Internet access. Certainly, the future is not in what you touch, but in what you use. What you touch, your computer, is becoming a silly terminal … just as it all started. And it doesn matter WHERE you are working, what matters is that you are just WORKING.

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