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A couple of years ago I had to perform a presentation to explain, the importance of not being left behind when it comes to technology and education. The argument was easy to understand: we cannot educate an inhabitant of the future as we were educated in the past. If I remember correctly, I looked for a transgressive title to keep attention to this topic … “if you don’t move, you die”. Maybe today it is not the most appropriate sentence, but eloquent … it is.

I write about this here and now because I am concerned about the digital division that I can see these weeks. It is not that each person has one device or another, or that they have more or fewer devices … no … it is that there are many people who having what they have, use it to do the same thing: we could say that there is a lot of people who have a computer and only use it as a typewriter and television … or people who have a mobile phone and only use it as a video game console and to send messages … and I don’t want to either focus on that although a device serves many things, it is only used for two, because it happens that they are also used without knowing their true purpose.

Sometimes I have told that years ago, a person very close to me told me that he had just bought an iPad, and that it seemed to him like a stupide machine … because he had no way to connect his USB key in. Textual. I think it is a very eloquent example. He wanted to have that last device, so modern and so special, but he did not understand that the information must reside in the cloud and not on a USB stick.

I have seen the same thing in many classrooms. And in the use of educational platforms and applications that families make. This confinement has brought up many technological deficiences in our society. There is still people who download movies, their hard drive fills up, they become infected with viruses … people who use DVDs, USB sticks or even CDs …

We have a problem. If, as sapiens, we do not use the tools of our time as we should, for the purpose that they were conceived, we will be ceasing to evolve. For reflection. Let’s open our minds. Let’s listen to the manufacturers (not to the “gurus” … nor to the “smoke sellers” …) but to the engineers and computer scientists who develop the tools, I think they have a lot to tell us.

If planet earth is the case, society is the operating system and we are the users, we have to understand that this pandemia has changed the version of the operating system. Until now natural evolution brought us small patches, small updates, but I think that the COVID-19 has brought us a new version, a change and we have to understand how to use the “accessories” of the new operating system and how to deal with it. No, it is not a geek-reflection. This is not the Matrix. This is the real life. Your life.

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