We are not in the information age; we are in the information management era

In these times of fake news, post-truth and the overabundance of information, I think it is interesting to clarify a few concepts: the diferrence between reading news, reading the newspaper and being informed.

1.- reading news: this is what we constantly do; Information comes to us, it can be an article, a tweet, a meme, a comment … and it can come from an official media (tv, paper … the usual old ones, go) a friend, a stranger, a social network… Basically it means knowing a little about everything, so, knowing nothing at all. Everything sounds to you, but you have no idea.

2.- reading the newspaper: it consists of… sitting in a bar or on your sofa and spending at least one hour… reading from the beginning to the end a newspaper publication. If possible, all sections and even your Sunday supplement (I assume that to get an hour we have to go to Sunday …) If you are under 65, I doubt you are in this group of humans

3.- Be informed: I think (I think, I insist) that it consists of reading about a specific topic in several sources, specifically in all those mentioned above, and if you can touch all the extremes, better For this you also have to go to the weekend specifically to Sunday. And to digest what is chewed, (information management) also, we need culture, retrospective ability, ability to perspective … and humility to change the opinion we had before starting the process, if necessary.

I have the impression that today many of us are totally at concept 1, very little at concept 2 and almost none at concept 3. Of course, we defend and affirm and deny what is needed, with a conviction that scares … anyway….

In which of the three concepts are you?

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