We are the ones in the boiler room of the Titanic

The spoon was invented back in the 13th century, although I suppose something similar would be used by the first sapiens. I imagine a Neanderthal saying “no, I don’t want that to use it, you lost the  essence eating… really “I prefer taking the soup with my hands…” …. well this is the same.

It has had to explode this coronavirus-crisis to realize that some computer tools are not just “accessories” or “modernities” or “things for geeks” and it has to be clear to us that technology today allows us working remotely , that the future of our students (when they be workers) will be many times like this, working remotely, and we have tools that allow us to teach classes remotely today and many people have not done so until today because they have not felt like it .

Of course, now the technicians have to do the duties that were not done (and should be) working as in the boiler room of the Titanic. There are many teachers who have not wanted to walk step by setp, and now they have to jump, and here we are the technicians, helping them not to stumble. Therefore, from here I ask: let the technicians work (I will have to ask my colleagues to hide and work, in order to produce well and easily). Trust us.

We are the engine of the boiler room at the moment (we have been for a long time and many people had not realized it) and if we stop, everything stops.

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