Wet paper

I am lucky because time ago I worked in many places all over the world. Some of them very close to home and some others so maaaaaany hours flying. I have swum inside all the seas and oceans of the planet and I have enjoyed sanchin no kata looking towards the four cardinal points from the four cardinal points.

Whenever I have moved around, I have gone without cash. Both within Spain, as well as going to Europe, Africa, Asia, North America or South America. I have used credit / debit card, Paypal … and some other system that has already been deprecated, but always with problems = 0.0.

I have always endured a bit of fun about it. Good environment, it’s true, but well … I was the modern-guy, the geek,… but now … tachán tachán … now it is time to assume that the transactions will be (they are) all digital. No one wants to touch money. Not an ATM. You could get contaminated.

I once landed in Tokyo with € 27 in cash. In Cape Verde, in ilha Santiago, with € 5 in cash. In Lima without even a credit card. And so I could count a lot more examples that give for various battles. Don’t worry, I have no intention of boring you. It is just one more example, now that the newspapers and newscasts are talking about this, that the future has come suddenly … but it was among us. And no, I’m not talking about bitcoins. That is indeed freakism. This other, no.

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