Who has asked you?

I absolutly love when children apply the most elementary logic. This morning, while breakfast, there was on TV on (yes, we must be a weird family because in our house we watch TV, nowadays it’s something that nobody admits) and during the commercials, a girl with whiter teeth than a white tile has said: “my dentist recommends me to clean my teeth with I-don’t-know-what-product …” and blah blah blah …

My little crack, who is very crack for his crack stuff, has raised his head, looked at him and said: “And who asked you?” And I have laughed … considering:

  1. These today-children are so used to playing Fortnite with other children remotely that they identify the interaction in front of a screen as the norm for communicating. It is easier for them to think that TV is 2.0 than a simple appliance to only watch and listen. Come normal talk-with.
  2. We need to kick the Play Station and get more out on the street. Sun, rain or shine.
  3. Advertising as a method of financing companies to offer products to users without paying money directly is going to end. Future recipients are bothered. For adults, it seemed like a great idea that Facebook, for example, did not charge us to use its services, in exchange for seeing ads, but the next generation is different, and will assume that they will prefer to pay a nice monthly fee (payment for use ) as we do today with Netflix. In fact, PLEX has just landed in Spain, which is like Netflix but free, because it has ads, and I do not predict much future for PLEX , really.
  4. Advertising as a way to sustain digital systems and services or will have no future or should be super-clientized. That is why BIG DATA is so important for large corporations, so that if someone comes to tell you something, you feel that you previously needed it, that you had asked.

So I think that our little ones will seem a bit idiots assuming publicity not yet-clientized. They’ll think we’re crazy, wasting time with that.

Anyway, I finish writing now, and I’m going to brush my teeth, with what I find in my bathroom, I don’t know if it will be what the girl in the ad said.

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